Workshop “The use of graphs in ecology: from individuals to ecosystems”

3 & 4 February, Rennes


DIVERSIFY brings together ecologists and computer scientists in order to transfer ecological concepts and processes into software design principles. To be successful, we need to find tools that are common to both sciences. Graphs are a good solution, as they are widely used in software engineering, but also in ecology. Ecological networks however cover a large set of different areas in ecology, from ecosystems to individuals. For example, landscape graphs depict connectivity between the different component of landscapes, food-webs represent who eats whom in ecosystems, mating graphs link individuals able to reproduce between themselves.
The goal of the workshop is to gather ecologists who are specialists in particular ecological fields, in order to identify tools and research challenges which are specific to the different thematics, but also see what they can have in common. This effort will allows us to make a new step in ecology as it will highlight potential new research area. It will also be useful for the transfer of expertise from ecology to computer sciences, by producing a document covering a large set of methods and concepts on graphs.

The event is supported by the FOCAS coordinating action


Jacques Baudry, INRA SAD-PAYSAGE (France)
Françoise Burel, CNRS (France)
Benoit Gauzens, Université Rennes 1 (France)
Ferenc Jordan, COSBI lab (Italy)
Cendrine Mony, Université Rennes 1 (France)
Carlos Melian EAWAG (Switzerland)
Alix Sauve, IEESP/CESCO (France)
Elisa Thébault, CNRS (France)