Working at the crossroads of computer sciences and mathematics, over the last 40 years INRIA’s researchers have been developing the scientific foundations for a new field of learning: computational sciences. When associated with other scientific disciplines, computational sciences can be used to offer new concepts, languages, methods and teaching aids which open up new avenues for exploration and understanding of complex phenomena. Working in project teams, INRIA researchers mix fundamental and applied research in an innovative blend to produce their results.
The institute’s 174 teams, the majority of which are joint teams with other major French or international research bodies, are comprised of around twenty researchers working on a shared project for a period of four to eight years. INRIA is France’s only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences. It hosts over 1,000 young researchers each year.

Two INRIA research groups will be involved in DIVERSIFY, through the involvement of the following key personnel: the TRISKELL group focuses on model-driven development and testing for runtime reconfiguration, and will act as leader in DIVERSIFY; the ADAM research group focuses on component-based distributed software development and will provide expertise in automatic program repair in DIVERSIFY.


Simon Allier
Olivier Barais
Benoit Baudry
Marco Biazzini
Johann Bourcier
Benoit Combemale
Myriam David
Martin Monperrus