The participation in the project will be from the department for networked systems and services. The department provides research-based expertise in model-driven development, quality and security technology, and user-centered development. It leads and has led several national research and development projects and plays and has played a leading role in several IST projects such as DiVA, NEFFICS, REMICS, SHAPE, ACE-GIS, ATHENA, CORAS, ELLECTRA-WeB, INTEROP, MAPPER, MODELPLEX, MODELWARE, SODIUM, MADAM and MUSIC, which cover themes such as model-driven software engineering, interoperability, product lines and adaptive systems, service-oriented architectures and cloud computing. The department has over 15 years of experience in developing, extending and standardizing modeling languages and domain-specific languages and applying them in practical model-based software engineering methodologies. Recent contributions to standards include the coordination of the development and standardization of the service-oriented architecture modeling profile (SoaML) and of the common-variability language (CVL).


Franck Chauvel
Franck Fleurey