Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin (TCD), founded in 1592, is among the top universities in Europe and the Distributed Systems Group (DSG) is both the longest standing and largest research group in its Department of Computer Science. DSG conducts basic and applied research into all aspects of distributed computing ranging from theoretical foundations to system engineering issues.

A large portion of the work done in DSG is performed under the theme of Future Cities. This work is motivated by the fact that successfully tackling of the negative aspects of increased urbanization (e.g. traffic congestion, pollution and energy waste) requires intelligent ICT solutions that make use of sensors, computer processing, and communication on a wide scale. Trinity College has recently made smart and sustainable cities a prioritized thematic area, thereby strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration and allowing us to draw from the expertise and resources from researchers in related fields.


Siobhan Clarke
Vivek Nallur
Hui Song