University of Rennes

The University of Rennes1 is among the top universities in France with four main research sectors, corresponding to four graduate schools: MathICT (mathematics/information and communication science & technologies), SDV (life sciences), SDM (materials science), SHS (humanities and social sciences).

The ECOBIO (Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Evolution) joint research unit is managed by the University of Rennes 1 and the French National Research Center (CNRS). ECOBIO is a well-known research lab in the area of environmental and life science in France and in Europe. It is constituted of 173 people (faculty, administrative and technical staff, PhD and master students) distributed in five research teams and six technical platforms. ECOBIO’s research activities deal with the understanding of ecosystem functioning through the analyses of the processes linking the ecosystem’s structure and function. Studies evaluate the ecological consequences of global change at different spatial and temporal scales, from populations, species, and communities to the whole ecosystem. ECOBIO has strong experience in integrative ecology with cutting-edge approaches. These skills and expertise are acknowledged through several regional, national and international projects and collaborations.


Benoit Gauzens
Cendrine Mony
Hugo Saiz