ECSLER: tool support for runtime evolution inside the JVM

Invited presentation at the CREST open workshop about genetic improvement. The slides and the video of the talk are available.

Emergent Robustness in Software Systems through Decentralized Adaptation: an Ecologically-Inspired ALife Approach

Presentation at ECAL’15 about the decentralized diversification of software graphs and increasing global robustness. July, 2015.

Steering Complex Systems

Presentation at FOCAS@ECAL’15 about smart cities. July, 2015.

Mitigating Browser Fingerprint Tracking: Multi-level Reconfiguration and Diversification

Presentation at SEAMS’15 about diversification against browser fingerprinting. May, 2015.

Modelling Adaptation Policies as Domain-Specific Constraints

Presentation at MODELS’14.
September, 2014

Searching Architecture Models for Proactive Software Diversification

Keynote at the workshop on Combining Modelling with Search- and Example-Based Approaches, at MODELS’14.
September, 2014

Tailored Source Code Transformations to Synthesize Computationally Diverse Program Variants

Talk at ISSTA’14 about the automatic synthesis of program variants.
July, 2014

Injecting diversity into software systems

Talk at the Computer Science Research Group (Aston Uni, UK) seminar about the challenges of multi-level diversity. May, 2014.

Artificial software diversity: automatic synthesis of program sosies

Dagstuhl seminar on Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems: Assurances
December, 2013

Introduction to DIVERSIFY

FOCAS inter-project meeting
June, 2013

On the biodiversity of source code: rigid or plastic repair

Dagstuhl seminar on Fault Prediction, Localization, and Repair
February, 2013